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Topic: Managements of notes, absences and school documents

Country: France

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Description :

scolinfo is a school system file management, it allows students, parents and teachers see notes, absences and book online text. some schools in France have adopted this system and provides a login and password to students and their families to use the site. these schools also provide an directly access from their site.

scolinfo is a system that allows communication between students and their families about their education, to control their presence in schools and their school performance. So it allows parents to follow their children academically through this site.

the school management systems are increasingly popular. and many schools, students use it. it is a system to advise. scolinfo is a complete and very popular, scolinfo.net site is not to be missed!

parents, students and teachers do not forget to give us your opinion ..

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how can i get a login and a password

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